amy jadine meets camilo barreto

Here's the result of the project I did for UHM, an exhibition-project space in the city centre of The Hague. UHM invited me to be the first participant in their new ongoing project: UHM Showcase. For the project they ask one artist to react to another artist’s work, creating a chain reaction. The central feature is the presentation in the 24m3 window space where the artists will work and make their process visible for the audience.

In the first showcase, I reacted to the work of artist Camilo Barreto. His carved illustrations and textures, use of material, color and composition are the elements which inspired me.

UHM did not have proper seatings or spots to have a meeting or a get together. Therefor I decided to create such an area for them. In the new created space, you can enjoy Camilo Barreto’s art, get some work done or meet up with others for a chat and a drink. 

The project is on display until July 14th 2012 at  UHM: Jan Hendrikstraat 62-72, The Hague (NL)

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